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appraisal cost

Appraisal Costs

Selecting a Reputable Appraiser

Actually, it is a bit tricky to find a professional appraiser. Sad to say, there are lots of individuals that would claim to be jewelry appraisers. Real estate appraisers are the only ones that are licensed, which leaves you the decision to certify the appraiser that you retain.


The Expert Appraiser

Working inside the jewelry industry by selling jewelry will not make you an instant appraiser. Appraising is a career path just as a lawyer, doctor or CPA, and one should be educated in order to be qualified for this job. (See my credentials here)


Keep in mind that not all gemological organizations are equal. Initially, you must inquire with the appraiser on how their titles are acquired. Some associations provide designations for simply paying their dues. Inquire their level of membership inside the organization and how frequent they need to retest in order to sustain that level.

If a person claims that he is a certified appraiser, yet he rejects having the certifications posted on his wall, then this is the moment for you to seek another appraiser to do the job for you. This is an attitude that will place the consumers and the insurance companies in doubt. A base level is not sufficient and constant education is the sole answer. A good case in point is the continuing technological advancement in stone enhancements and gemstone synthesis. Without continuing education the gemologist would be unaware of these new technologies which could result in a inaccurate gemstone evaluations.

Cost of Appraisal

As for the professional appraisers, they handle the same scenario repetitively. A skilled and expert appraiser will charge you with appropriate rates for the duration and work included in order to perform the duty properly. When you keep an expert appraiser, you are keeping an expert and you should pay for the excellent service that they will be providing.

When you hire an expert appraiser, you are assured that your personal assets like are going to be correctly evaluated. Consider this, if you possess a valuable piece of jewelry, one which requires an appraisal, then getting a professional appraisal will be worth much more than what the appaisal would actually cost. The cost of the professional appraisal will eliminate any doubts of the value of a piece of jewelry or jewelry collection, prevent the possibility of insurance claim problems, will save you time, aggravation and money if ever you ever must file an insurance claim as compared to having your appraisal done by an unqualified, incompetent appraiser. This as well will lessen the danger of having your claim rejected because of the misrepresentation of the material information.

When you bring one piece of jewelry for evaluation, our usual fee is $85.00. This will normally take from 30 minutes to 1 hour per item. If your appraisal request is for multiple items, each additional item is $60. Have more than 5 items? Please call so I may provide a custom quote for you.

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