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Charlotte Jewelry Appraisal

A jewelry appraisal is an opinion of the appraiser as to the authenticity, design, quality and value of a piece of jewelry. The opinion is backed by gemological training, lab equipment and experience in the field.


Therefore, appraisals can vary in the valuation of a piece of jewelry between competent appraisers. Most importantly is to give the customer a detailed description of the item being appraised accurately depicting the design, the metal, the stones and their quality and determining the value for the purpose of the appraisal.


... Elisa J. Propst, GG

M. Gibbs, Ltd - Concord, NC

Getting your diamond jewelry appraised by a professional, graduate gemologist is a wise first step in protecting the value of your investment.

As a lifelong resident of the Charlotte, NC area and a GIA certified jewelry appraiser I am honored to provide professional appraisal services to our area.

It is through my professional affiliation with M. Gibbs, Ltd in Concord, NC that I can provide my services and experience not only to individuals seeking jewelry appraisals but as an independent appraiser, other professional jewelers and jewelry investors.

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colored gemstones

Semi Precious gemstones(also referred to as colored gemstones) include gemstones such as turquoise, jade, onyx, blue topaz jewelry and a host of others as opposed to diamonds, emeralds, ruby, and sapphires - known as the "precious" or "cardinal" gemstones.

As a local Kannapolis/Concord NC certified appraiser I want you to realize that the physical characteristics that make a colored stone valuable in your gemstone jewelry and what I evaluate are color, clarity to a lesser extent, cut, unusual optical characteristics within the stone and star effects.

Questions about your colored semi precious stones? Call Elisa or use the convenient form below to get all your questions answered.


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